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, "SAN Antonio express" reported yesterday, SAN Antonio and Portland before the start of the second game of the western michael kors tote conference semifinals, the blazers locker room near a snake. According to fond of the SAN Antonio spurs point guard Danny green snake (microblogging) revealed that he has some blazers. It is reported, at AT&T center for game 2 of the series, and the spurs trail blazers young forward Thomas Robinson was under your wardrobe found a rattlesnake. "At that time no one believes me until they look there." Robinson recalled, "it sent a" hiss "sound, I immediately back." According to the Portland trail blazers coach terry stowe tesla revealed that they believe it is a rattlesnake cheap michael kors from the start, but the spurs, a spokesman for the doesn't think so. But whatever it was a snake, it was later removed safely, and without any conditions. "I don't know this kind of thing ever happened." Terry stowe tesla said, "this sounds like a story of ABA period." It is understood that because of the AT&T center near a facility just recently been demolished, so could lead to these reptiles around looking for shelter, and hide into the AT&T center. Due to the spurs' point guard Danny green is a snake lover, he also met with some of the Portland trail blazers players laughed at. "When I was warming up on the pitch, they (the blazers players) came up to me and said: 'why do you put the michael kors satchel snake in our locker room?'," green said, "but in Texas, it is completely trusted. They (snake) can be seen everywhere."

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