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The SAN Antonio spurs 114-97 victory over the Portland trail blazers, at home to so as to get a 2-0 in the western michael kors hamilton tote conference semifinals start. After the game, the men of the Portland trail blazers are said to regroup after back home, and to try to reverse the momentum wheel series. "From the point of view of sustained offensive ability, they are one of the league's best teams." After the game, the blazers coach terry stowe winters so evaluated the performance of the SAN Antonio spurs. From this series in the first two games, the spurs' offensive firepower is amazing. After the first game in the first half for 65 points, the spurs in the first half today and under 70 points. It they are, a total of seven points scored in double figures, kauvar Iraq - Leonard 8 of 9 led 20 points, Tony parker added 16 points and 10 assists, ginobili and berry, scored 16 points and 13 points respectively, splitter, scoring 10 points and 10 rebounds. It is worth mentioning that become the spurs squad depth in a huge advantage in the round clash. The first two games, the spurs' bench has reached 100 points, while michael kors replica the blazers only 37 points. Next, this series will be moved to Portland. This after the game, two of the blazers for Lord said turnaround in the two home games. "After back home, each player must play better, to start with myself." The game 6, 23 - lamarcus aldridge had 16 points of marcus weibo said. Portland alone WeiLi radmanovic [microblogging] will behave very reason: "back home does not mean that we will be on their way to win the game, it will become very difficult." "This is very important." When it comes to the next game 3, adriano said seriously, "we need to reverse some momentum." Relatively, today get the trail blazers team scored 21 points cheap michael kors batum seems more confident for game 3: "we don't panic. The spurs do their job, they hold on to the home. We must go back to home and do the same thing."