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Fitness Ask the Expert

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4 What's the best way to reshape your body? Lose weight first, then put on muscle, or pack on muscle and then trim up?
5 I've been having lower back discomfort for some time. I can't sustain any type of abdominal exercise due to that problem. The end result is a beer belly without the beer. What type of exercise or activities would you recommend?
6 Spot Reduction works: True or False?
7 I'm a 66 year old male. Weight is not my problem. I have a flabby stomach and flab hanging from my upper arms. Please advise the best ways to tighten up the muscles so that I will lose that fat. Thank you.
8 I am active but am having a hard time reaching my target heart rate of 137. For example, I reach 119 when swimming. Also, I walk but never run, only when playing basketball once a week. Should I be skipping for 20 minutes to reach my target heart rate 2 o
9 Hi. My height is 5.6 ft and weight is 110 lbs. I would like to gain weight through a workout program, but how should I begin?
10 What is the most efficient way to tone my stomach if I can't do sit ups or crunches?
11 I just had a baby 6 weeks ago and was wondering how to lose weight/fat while keeping in mind proper nutrition for breast feeding. I want to be healthy for myself and the baby, but still want to lose those extra pounds.
12 How many days a week are you suppose to exercise? Is working out everyday good for your body? If I skip lunch every day except Saturday and Sunday, will that help me lose weight?
13 I've been suffering from neck pain for about a month. Do you have any suggestions for a remedy?
14 What is the best way to naturally sharpen my mind?
15 I have been trying to lose weight for about seven months and have hit a weight that doesn't seem to want to go down anymore. How do I start losing weight again? Is it a plateau? I eat 1550 calories a day and exercise to burn 570 calories a week.
16 How do I get a flat tummy? And how do I reduce weight from the bust line?
17 What is the best way for senior ladies to lose the flab under the bicep muscle?
18 Question: what is the best exercise to make my tummy flat and give me a nice waistline?
19 Hi, my name is Navi, and I have a question. I recently had my baby, about 7 weeks ago, and I lost 50 pounds in the first 6 weeks. But my skin is so flabby. Will it go back to normal, or do I need to work out more than what I'm used to? I usually work out
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